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Healing crystals or gemstones_ Amethyst

Crystal Infused Bottles

Crystal-infused water. Many people are adding gemstones to their water bottles, pitchers, and dispensers so they directly benefit from the positive vibrations of the stones. Adding crystals to your water is much more than staying on trend, however. Crystal-infused water is beneficial for several reasons.


Since the era of folk medicine, crystals and gemstones have been used to protect against illness and facilitate healing in the body. The thought is that these crystals possess various properties that allow positive energy to flow into the body while warding off negative energy. Now, these 'high-vibrational crystals' are part of the latest water fad.

High-vibration water infused with crystals has recently made its way onto healthy menus and store shelves, according to Well + Good, and is being pushed by holistic nutritionists and yogis as "the best possible way to replenish nutrients after meditation and yoga." 

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